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2014 BMW 1 Series Luxury Car

2014 BMW 1 Series – BMW, the world’s leading luxury car brand is one of each of us want to own, no matter what money we have in our pockets or what car we have. BMW is like the Beatles car. You can never have enough of it and feel saturated and satisfied. Every year there are dozens of cars from BMW flag, but still hope we get more innovative and surprising your flag to search cars and get hypnotized. Of course, we also dream of riding one and BMW understands that very well.

Meanwhile, the most influential section of society can afford the BMW 5 Series, 7 Series and probably any other car home, poor writer like us or others in the middle class like me, who dream of being behind BMW wheels comes to live his dream through the 2014 BMW 1 Series.

Although BMW 1 Series is the cheapest way to get the name of BMW for your car, but that anyway is indicative that it is cheap and not as innovative as their best counterparts. The 2014 BMW 1 Series but mostly suspended in most of the world, is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe for a couple of years.