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Difference Between Paypal Accounts

Difference between paypal accounts – PayPal is the payment method most commonly used, convenient, fast and safe to shop online.

The best of PayPal is that no personal data disclosed, card numbers or bank accounts. Not shown if neither buyer nor the seller. The identity is always defined in an email. It is the only information shared.

It is the most used worldwide, so you can make purchases or sales to Greenland, China, United States, or anywhere in the world and uses the currency you use (Okay, there are some limits, but is available in countries and currencies more major).

Free pay for your purchases or send money to others with full speed. You do not have to wait several days for the money loaded into the seller’s account, go to the bank or wait in a queue. The receipt of money in the seller’s account is immediate.

Types of PayPal accounts

Personal account: It is completely free. It is intended for buyers, internet users. Lets you shop at any online store or send money to others. It also allows receiving money or payments online, but with certain limitations.

Premium Account: Is for sellers but can also be used to make purchases online. One of the most important features is that you can receive payments from anyone with a credit card without having a PayPal account. Check with this account is free but does not receive payments accoutrements. Check the rates here .


Business Account: Especially for companies. It has the same features as the Premium (and the same rates) account, with the added value of being able to manage users.

My recommendation to start selling your items on Etsy is that you create a Premium account. Rates are economical and can receive payments from anyone even not having a PayPal account. Anyway if you want to familiarizing yourself with the system, you can start with a personal account, no problem receiving payments. Later you can convert your account to Premium if you need to. Note that if PayPal believes that by your sales staff should not have that account, we draw attention to turn your Premium account.