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10 Bizarre Ways To Make Money

10 bizarre ways to make money - There are many ways to make money that most people do not know. You cannot just opt for the traditional professions for improving personal economy. There are many ways to do it, most of them with a few followers by the widespread ignorance that engaging in such activity can find someone to pay you. But the reality is that they exist and are available to anyone. In this list you’ll find 10 bizarre ways to make money, so you take good notes.

Ten bizarre ways to make money

In the list below you’ll found 10 unusual ways to make money fast and change your poor life.

Test new drugs

Ask guinea pig has its rewards. New drugs before going to market, usually tested by people that lend themselves to check their side effects. For this activity they are paid generously. In countries like the United States, more than 120,000 patients awaiting medical tests to be tested. For those who dare to verify that work well, will be waiting for thousands of dollars. Maybe it’s your chance to fill your pockets and start to live comfortably.


Your body as an advertising medium

It may be a very desperate way, but if you want to make money quickly can use your own body as an advertising medium. In recent years there have been many companies willing to pay large sums to people who tattoo their logo is on the skin. This curious way to make money began in 2005 when a woman named Karolyne Smith auctioned his forehead space to tattoo a commercial product. Since then, many businesses see the human body as a support to be released to consumers.

Sell your progress in online games

Online games create a lot of addiction. Crowd of players spend hours in front of the screen to progress with fictional characters in imaginary worlds. Well, there’s also an opportunity to make money. There are people willing to pay for characters with large capacities that have been previously developed by the owner. These people buy the character has already formed, and the work of progress with it to make it stronger saves. On the other hand, the original owner pocketed a large sum of money.

Are you weird? Make a reality on you

Many think that their lives cannot be interesting for the rest of the world, but maybe they’re wrong. Donna Simpson’s example should serve sample. This is the fattest woman in the world, which a priori would not have to report you money. However, Donna thought that if it was a reality show about his life might be interesting to people who were willing to pay to know their privacy. Your idea has been a success, and many people subscribed to your website, giving millions in income. Maybe you also have something that catches people’s attention.

Chasing owners who do not pick your dog poop

It is the most common and the most pleasant job, but it certainly has great potential to report income. Many owners do not pick up their pets droppings left in the street, something that bothers other pedestrians. There are people willing to pay to make this problem go away. The idea began in the U.S. with the company Pooper Scooper Service The Atlanta, and its success has led to the emergence of other similar companies. If you have trouble getting your hands dirty and go after violators owners, it may be an original way of living.

Sell your hair

If you are someone who has a good head of hair, maybe you should consider selling it. Human hair is one of the most expensive products in the world, and you can get much money for sale. There are many people who want to buy hair of certain features, so you may have to ask your hairdresser you do not pull your hair when you cut it in next time. You can get profitability continuously discard something not to repair at its highest value.

Video Game Tester

Can you imagine trying to play video games and get paid for it? Well it is possible. Many companies in the industry looking for consoles people to give the nod to video games that are going to bring to market. Undoubtedly, it is one of the jobs that would fulfill the dream of many people. Parallel to this work, there is also the teacher game. This would be a person who helps you to progress in the toughest games. Professions are rare, but they exist.

Sell your current life

It seems surreal, but there are people who sell their current life and the money earned back to start a new. An Englishman living in Australia called Ian Usher, for example, sold for $ 600,000 home, your car and all their possessions. In addition, the buyer Usher introduced his friends, so that it is completely done with his old life. If you own envy worthy elements in your life, you can try to sell them. There are people willing to pay to have what others do not value.

Tell tales

For people who love reading also outputs exist to make money doing what they love. The profession of storytelling is very common in cities like London, where some hotels offering someone tell you a story in your own room. A hotel employee chooses the story the client wants is the account and when it goes to sleep, turn off the light and leaves. It is a service that causes anger among many British tourists visiting the city each year.

Warm beds

The only downside of going to bed is that it gets very cold. For this, the Holiday Inn hotel Tehe London created the weirdest job in the world: the “warmers”. It is staff’s own hotel room that goes for heating the sheets to every customer when it arrives and lie not support this initial cold. A job for which no previous training is required and it does not involve any effort for performing it.

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