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Noah Movie 2014 Trailer And Synopsis

Noah movie 2014 synopsis - The director of ‘The Fountain’ and ‘black Swan’, Darren Aronofsky, brings an adaptation of the biblical story which chronicles the life and mission of Noah. In a world destroyed by the perversion of man, a humble carpenter named Noah (played by Russell Crowe, “Gladiator ‘and’ Robin Hood ‘) is an important mission to be crucial for the evolution and development of the human race.

God, tired of the corrupt and depraved behavior of human beings to which he gave life, warns Noah of a great flood and imminent need to debug and release to the land of human action. Respectful carpenter hearted becomes chosen to ensure the success of this divine plan, is responsible for protecting those species that are not involved in the devastation of nature and the decline of the planet.

Noah have to build a giant ark to save his family, where he will meet a pair of each animal species to preserve its conservation and growth after the apocalyptic flood that will destroy humanity and its fateful behavior. The ark prevents beings that are within die drowned and kept alive for later reconstruction of the universe.

Darren Aronofsky takes this myth that has been transcending throughout human history to the big screen with the help of Award-winning screenwriter John Logan (“Gladiator ‘and’ The Aviator ‘). A story, according to the director, timely and contemporary to our time talking about an environmental apocalypse, a fairly recurring theme in our present.