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Best Way of Breast Cancer Treatment

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You’re looking for a solution for breast cancer? You are right visit on the web. Here I will share about breast cancer treatment. In conducting the treatment of breast cancer, the doctor will consider several factors:

1. Stadium. Is the pathway to breast cancer, including non- invasive, invasive small (less than 2 cm and do not attack the lymph nodes), invasive cancer (2-5 cm and invaded the lymph nodes), invasive large (more than 5 cm and has appeared lump in surface of the skin, or the cancer cells have spread to other organs.


2. Grade. Cancer is ranked G1, G2 and G3. The grade indicates the level of the patient’s recovery. G1 and G3 best worst.

3. Estrogen receptors. If the estrogen receptor positive cancer cells existing in the body will be able to respond to hormone therapy given.

4. The specific condition of the patient. These conditions include the age and general health.

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What are breast cancer treatment?

1. Surgery

Breast cancer surgery is divided into two: the surgical removal of the tumor and tissue (lumpectomy) and surgical removal of the entire breast (mastectomy) not including the lymph nodes under the armpit.

2. Adjuvant and neo-adjuvant Therapy

This therapy aims to reduce the risk of cancer spread. Adjuvant therapy is treatment given to patients after surgery, while the neo-adjuvant therapy is given to patients before surgery.

3. Adjuvant Chemotherapy

This therapy is a combination of chemotherapy. This therapy aims to prevent the cancer coming back.

4. Hormone therapy

This therapy aims to suppress the estrogen hormone. The therapeutic use of some drugs such as Tamoxifen which serves to inhibit the activity of estrogen in the body. While aromatase inhibitors (AI) prevent the body from making estrogen, but not effective for premenopausal women.

5. Radios therapy

This therapy was given post – surgery or after mastectomy. This therapy aims to kill cancer cells remaining in the breast tissue.

Hope this breast cancer treatment article help you to solve your problem