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Honda Civic Type R Concept Design

Armed with an engine that delivers 280 hp , the Honda Civic Type R concept design will be the first brand in Europe to mount the new VTEC turbo direct injection of the series Earth Dreams , a range of engines, as we know, has a long road ahead. In fact, there is a new engine perspective that could exceed 300 hp.

This is the Honda Civic Type R more extreme than we have seen to date. His line is a pure aerodynamic concession, and almost palpable that this is a high performance model that does not lose the image of a model series.

Since Honda and advance to the Honda Civic Type R has played a good role in Nürburgring, but do not require travel time on the Nordschleife. Yasuhisa Ara , the Center for Research and Development of Honda, has the Type R is the front wheel drive fastest in the Green Hell , and has come to declare that will do “whatever is necessary” in order to become invincible against competitors already on the market. In any case, the absence of specific data, now what do see are details that seem to have been designed to burn asphalt circuit.


The most obvious is the rear spoiler designed to make winning vehicle downforce, but also observe the grills on the front and the bonnet air intakes , which are now larger for better cooling of the motor.

For its part, the wheel arches have been enlarged to accommodate tires riding 20-inch wheels, while the air vents have worked to improve the flow of this. Taken together, resulting in better cooling and a better grip.

As such, the overall aesthetic of the Honda Civic Type R Concept reminiscent of the now distant Mugen Honda Civic Type-R in its eighth generation European version. The double spoiler, air intakes on the hood, flared steps housing the air outlets.

Now the design of the Civic Type R announced for 2015 production version of a piece of coming closer again. Since especially the mighty double rear wing with integrated LED lights and the extremely aggressive-looking front would be mentioned with broken bumper. On the nature of the face GTI hunter contribute, among other things, the clear-cut LED daytime and fog lamps. The upper and lower grille with the Type R Concept was enlarged tidy compared to the previous model, the red stripe on the front spoiler is continued by a red ring on the 20-inch wheels and red brake calipers as well. Also new or enlarged are various air inlets and outlets, including on the hood. The widened fenders and sharp side edges were already clearly visible in the prototype, just like the two double tailpipes at the rear.