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Toyota FT-1 Model Sporty

Toyota introduces the super sports car 2014 Toyota FT-1 before a successful drawn Super sports car concept, which is to show the new design language of the Japanese mass manufacturer. Courageous.

First the good news: Since the January 14, 2014 can be the 2014 Toyota FT-1 already drive.Therefore it is not surprising that Toyota does not provide technical data to the new super sports-vision in the virtual racing finally do not need a motor have a working suspension. But for Toyota’s FT-1 is still important because the success-spoiled Japanese have been able to convince especially with reasonable mileage, for emotion is the brand so far rather less.

This 2014 Toyota FT-1 can look back on a pretty impressive list of sports cars, starting with the 2000 GT , which was next to the Datsun 240 Z at the time successful that the Japanese also beautiful sports coupé can. Also MR2 and Celica and not least the Supra stand for convincing Toyota sports car. However, in today’s portfolio remains is only the base athletes GT86 .


The 2014 Toyota FT-1, however, clearly aims at the Ferrari league so flat, as wide as red as he shows in Detroit. Even the rugged rear, the Japanese have copied in Maranello, front, however, they interpret the theme of “Formula 1 nose” new. The flat and wide front engine-piste burner has also still the same installed in the air intake fans and the whole body seems to be a single air deflector aerodynamics construct.

The rear-wheel drive has a wide cockpit with rear-placed rear positioned A-pillars that guarantee a good curve view. The pilot sits sports car meet deep and can access the tuning of the vehicle via the steering wheel-mounted controls – also seemed similarities with Ferrari to be full intention.

A color head-up display on the digital speedometer positioned in a shaft completes the Control Center. However, whether the shift indicator has found the top of the steering wheel itself an optimal placement is questionable – but perhaps is also the not so relevant in a video game.

The shift paddles allow at least close to an automatic and the viewing window on the hood, which provides a view on the engine reveals a front mid-engine layout, which in turn is an agile tail-heavy balance.