“If you can organize your kitchen,
you can organize your life.”

Al-Qur'an Online: Al Faatihah

Al Faatihah (Opening) revealed in Mecca and consists of 7 verses are the first letters down completely between the letters in the Qur'an and the letter belonged Makkiyyah. This letter is called Al Faatihah (Preamble), because the letter is opened and the beginning of the Quran. Named Ummul Quran (Koran parent) or Ummul Kitaab (Al-Kitaab mother) because she is the mother of all the contents of the Qur'an, and was therefore required to read in every prayer.

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Collection Of Rare Photos Of Bung Karno


As a citizen of Indonesia, who does not know the name of this one Indonesia's Proclaimers? Figure filled his charisma, his leadership style which I think is very worthy to be emulated by the next president. Indonesia has a firm stance and strong principles in running the government and political at the time he led. Idealism Marhaenism he is so well known to all over the world, so that Indonesia is very, very calculated and not only underestimated by other countries both by western block (the U.S. and its allies) and the eastern bloc (the Soviet Union and all of its allies) at the time of his leadership . A leader who loved the nation and the country and always pay attention to people, so that the less he said something like, "I love my family, but I more love  the country and my people." We should be proud to have had a leader like him.


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The Correlation Between Reading Habit And Achievement In Reading Comprehension Of The Second Years Students

Umah, Rohmatul, Nim: 3213993047, The Correlation Between Reading Habit And Achievement In Reading Comprehension Of The Second Years Students At Mtsn Aryojeding Rejotangan Tulungagung, STAIN Tulungagung, English Departement, Advisor: Drs. Maftukhin, M. Ag., NIP. 150 299 943.

Key Words: Reading habit, achievement reading  comprehension
Key Word: Reading Habit, Achievement Reading Comprehension.
Set Problem: 1) How to high are the students achievement in reading comprehension? 2) How to reading habit in second years student at MTsN Aryojeding Rejotangan? 3) Is there any correlation between reading habit and achievement at MTsN Aryojeding Rejotangan?
Purpose of Research: to measure how far reading habit can increase reading skill of the second years students at MTsN Aryojeding Rejotangan. To know learning method that increase achievement in reading comprehension of second year students at MTsN Aryojeding Rejotangan. To find out wether or not there is a correlation between reading habit and achievement in reading comprehension of the second year students at MTsN Aryojeding Rejotangan Tulungagung.

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Rare Photos Collection Of Bung Karno Part 2



Good morning all ...
Post time is still continuing from yesterday about a collection of rare photographs ofBung Karno with his family. For this time I will share a collection of rare photos of Bung Karno with people. If you want to know about Sukarno's History, please visit this posting and tis posting.

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The Comparative Study On The Students' English Competence Between Class Four And Class Three

Moh. Bahrun Mustofa, NIM: 3213003037, The Comparative Study On The Students' English Competence Between Class Four And Class Three Intensive At Pondok Modern Babussalam Madiun 2003/2004, A Thesis, Submitted to The English Departement of STAIN Tulungagung, Under Supervision of Dra. Hj. Retno Indayati, M. Si., 2004.
Key Trem: English Competence, Class Four, Class Three Intensive
English is an international lingua franca had become the global communication device, and widely spoken by so many people in all six continents, and in so many areas of every day life that is roll as the language of the world might seem  assured and permanent. Any body can in principle contact any body else any where in the world, but in practice they can do this, only if they are sufficiently proficient in  English Pondok Modern Babussalam. That was declared in 1986 has been taking a deep an attention toward teaching of foreign language, especially Arabic and English, but since it is establishment, Pondok Modern Babussalam has applied Arabic and English as the daily conversation language and teaching medium up to this present time.
Statement of Problem: 1. What the difference between class four and class three intensive at Pondok Modern Babussalam? 2. What is the leaning teaching process  in both two class? 3. Are they any difference of the student competence in reading, speaking, listening and writing, between them at Pondok Modern Babussalam
Purpose of Study: 1. To know whether there is a different class four and class three atPondok Modern Babussalam in English competent. 2. To know the English teaching leaning process in both two classes.  3. To know whether there is difference of the student competence in reading, speaking, listening and writing between class three intensive and class four at Pondok Modern Babussalam.
Research Methodology: 1. Research Design: descriptive quantitative, 2. Population: All students of class four and class three intensive. 3. Sampling Technique: purposive random sampling. 4. Sample: Take 50% from class four and class three intensive. The total numbers are 40 students. 5. Method of Data Collection: observation and the test. 6. The Procedure Of Collecting Data: documentation, interview and observation. 7. Try Out of Test’s Questions: presented. 8. Technique of Analysing Data: statistical analysis. 
The result of study: 1. The student of class four and class three intensive different of formally school. 2. There is significant difference between class four and class three intensive at teaching learning process. 3. The significant different in English competence between class four and class three intensive student of KMI appears in listening and writing.

Influence Book Reading Ability And Motivation

Pujiawan, Retno. Graduate Program Kanjuruhan University Malang, Influence BookReading Ability and Motivation Toward Student Achievement Elementary SchoolFourth Grade IV Sumberbendo District Pucanglaban Tulungagung

Keywords: reading skills, motivation, and academic achievement
No language, no technology. This means that shows how important language skills mastery. As one of the four language skills, reading is a very important skill for students. It is considered very important for elementary school students in Indonesia, because the purpose of teaching reading in the elementary school are elementary school students to read efficiently and quickly with a good understanding.
The fact shows that many elementary school students who do not have the skills to read well, they are still difficult to get an idea, topic, certain information and implied
The most common problem is the students' motivation. Students' motivation as internal factors to support student success should be enhanced through a professional approach, personal and social. It is a challenge for teachers. Motivation to learn should receive equal attention with the ability to read.
The purpose of this study was to determine whether, reading abilitymotivationand collaboration both have a significant impact on academic achievement subject of Social Sciences Elementary School fourth grade students Sumberbendo District IV Pucanglaban Tulungagung. This study is associative with the form casual relationships. The research goal is class IV Elementary School District IV Sumberbendo Pucanglaban Tulungagung totaling 30 students.
Used questionnaires to obtain data, the ability to read books and students' perceptions of motivation to learn. Based on this analysis the researchers concluded that the results are significant.

Rare Photos Collection Of Bung Karno Part 3


Still continuing yesterday post about a collection of rare photographs of Bung Karnowith his family and Bung Krano with people For this time I will share a collection of rare photos of Bung Karno with his religion. If you want to know about Sukarno's History, please visit this posting and tis posting.


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Rare Photos Collection Of Bung Karno Part 4


In this post I want to add back the rare collection of Bung Karno. which is currently photographs Bung Karno with his foreign policy. Who have not seen the last collection. And than, if you want to know about Sukarno's History, please visit this posting and this posting. Immediately, my collections are bellow


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Mengulas Sejarah Hidup Bung Karno Bag. I


Mengulas sejarah hidup Bung Karno - Setelah beberapa posting saya sebelumnya yang selalu menggunakan bahasa Inggris, dan setelah saya pikirkan baik-baik, tidak terlalu etis dan juga terlalu memaksakan bila saya terus menggunakan bahasa asing (bilang saja bahasa inggrisnya pas-pasan sehingga ribet harus buka Google transalator bila mau posting...hehehehe... :D ) sementara tujuan utama pembuatan blog ini adalah agar tulisan atau postingan saya dibaca masyarakat untuk dijadikan pengalaman baru, walaupun mungkin banyak blog yang mengulas apa yang juga saya ulas, tapi paling tidak pengalaman baru karena mengunjungi blog yang akan selalu diusahakan menggunakan gaya bahasa saya sendiri, jadi tidak asal copas dari blog lain.( sebetulnya sih postingan sebelumnya dimaksudkan agar bisa ikutan program Adsense yang katanya lebih mudah di aproove bila menggunakan bahasa Inggris :D , bener gak ya???? ).


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Memahami Pemikiran Sosial Ir. Sukarno

Memahami Pemikiran Sosial Ir. Sukarno - Berbicara tentang Ir. Sukarno memang akan membuat para generasi penerus berdecak kagum. Setelah kemarin saya memposting riwayat hidup beliau yang saya bagi menjadi 2 bagian yaitu bag. I dan bag. II, karena walaupun sudah diringkas masih tetaplah terlalu panjang untuk dipublikasikan dalam satu postingan, kali ini saya ingin membagikan lagi kisah sosok Bung Karno dan saya beri judul "Memahami Pemikiran Sosial Ir. Sukarno".

Pemikiran Sosial Ir. Sukarno

Masyarakat merupakan sebuah anasir nation and karakter building mempunyai tingkat keragaman dalam kehidupan sosial manusia sudah sangat umum diketahui. Sebagian masyarakat terorganisir secara sederhana dan kecil, sementara sebagian lain besar, dan sangat kompleks. Sebagian masyarakat menopang kehidupannya dengan berburu dan meramu, atau bertani, sementara yang lain menggantungkan diri kepada industri modern.

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Quick Aprove Google Adsense Startup Phase


Quick Approved Google AdSense  start up phase - Alhamdulillahirobbilalamin, give thanks to Allah SWT because after a few times doing the filing to display Google AdSense ads have been rejected, finally today the filing to be accepted for advertisers AdSense phase 1 quickly without waiting for days return . Here are screenshots of e-mail replies.

A Little Story About The Refusal By Google That I Experienced

Actually I had twice previously filed for a Google AdSense advertisers, and this is my submission that the third time. At first submission, I was rejected,  I do not know why, and I also did not give a clear explanation of why the request was denied. Eventually, I started looking for references from several blogs to get Quick approve Google AdSense. According to sources that I read at that time (I forget the name of his blog), to be accepted into AdSense advertiser, your blog must be good in appearance, the menu bar should be primarily menu site map / table of contents and hopefully when the full represent every category of our posts to facilitate visitors navigate through our blog, and finally I added a site map / table of contents on the menu bar and re-apply to become an advertiser, any reply from Google? I refused again, for whatever reason I do not know.
After being rejected for a second time, so I find the reference again in order to get quick approve Google AdSense. According to sources I found (forget also, understand humans), so that could be the main requirement approve blogs we should have at least 6 months old and got quite a lot of visitor traffic. To my mind then, this requirement is quite heavy because my blog was new about 1.5 months old, so still less 4.5 months to re-register in order to be in approve AdSense. Finally, I look again another reference, this time I find something new again, to be a Google AdSense publisher ads, in addition to long life blog and have quite a lot of traffic, your blog must be at least 10 in English posts, blog content does not infringe copyright and equipped TOS (terms of service), Privacy policy and About. Because of the conditions that I encountered, I finally decided to wait until the age of 6 months and my blog has enough traffic to register again as publisher AdSense ads.

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Serunya Pawai Becak Hias Di Tulungagung


Serunya Pawai Becak Hias di Tulungagung - Pada kesempatan kali ini saya mau membagi foto kegiatan pawai becak hias TK di Kabupaten Tulungagung, yang kebetulan anak saya juga ikut menjadi salah satu pesertanya. Walaupun dalam periasan becaknya memakan waktu yang lama, tapi setelah jadi ada kepuasan tersendiri bagi saya.

Berikut Foto-Foto Pawai Becak Yang Berhasil Saya Abadikan

Bintang selesai dirias "cantik kan..."


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Bagaimanakah Pemikiran Budaya Ir. Sukarno?

Manusia adalah makluk sosial karena hidup bersama dalam berbagai kelompok yang terorganisasir dan kita sebut masyarakat. Didalam realiats hidupnya mereka hidup bersama-sama dalam kelompok sosial yang komplek, masing-masing anggotanya sangat saling tergantung satu sama lainnya dalam mempertahankan hidup. Dalam realitas kehidupan manusia untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan lingkungan ada empat pola perilaku yang diikuti para individu sebagai anggota masyarakat dari berbagai kepercayaan, nilai dan aturan yang diciptakan masyarakat sebagai alat untuk mendefinisikan hubungan mereka satu dengan lainnya dan dengan lingkungannnya.

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Koleksi Langka Foto Ir. Sukarno Bagian 5

Koleksi langka foto Ir. Sukarno - Setelah kemarin saya membagikan 4 macam koleksi foto-foto Bung Karno yang bisa anda lihat di sini, trus juga di sini, di sini ada lagi, dan terkhir di sini, sekarang saya mau sharing lagi koleksi foto-foto bung karno yang saya miliki. Koleksi ini adalah koleksi foto Bung Karno dan politik luar negerinya bagian 2, jadi masih lanjutan koleksi foto yang terakhir saya posting.

Dalam folder koleksi langka foto Ir. Sukarno ini, kita bisa melihat betapaberwibawanya dan bagaimana Bung Karno pada waktu itu telah menjalin hubungan yang cukup baik dengan negara lain. Bagaimana cara dia berinteraksi dengan para pemimpin bangsa lain tanpa ada rasa rendah diri diri sedikitpun sebagai pemimpin besar nasional bangsa Indonesia. Baiklah langsung saja saya sajikan beberapa foto langka Ir. Sukarno saat bertemu dengan para pemimpin bangsa lain.


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