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Quick Aprove Google Adsense Startup Phase


Quick Approved Google AdSense  start up phase - Alhamdulillahirobbilalamin, give thanks to Allah SWT because after a few times doing the filing to display Google AdSense ads have been rejected, finally today the filing to be accepted for advertisers AdSense phase 1 quickly without waiting for days return . Here are screenshots of e-mail replies.

A Little Story About The Refusal By Google That I Experienced

Actually I had twice previously filed for a Google AdSense advertisers, and this is my submission that the third time. At first submission, I was rejected,  I do not know why, and I also did not give a clear explanation of why the request was denied. Eventually, I started looking for references from several blogs to get Quick approve Google AdSense. According to sources that I read at that time (I forget the name of his blog), to be accepted into AdSense advertiser, your blog must be good in appearance, the menu bar should be primarily menu site map / table of contents and hopefully when the full represent every category of our posts to facilitate visitors navigate through our blog, and finally I added a site map / table of contents on the menu bar and re-apply to become an advertiser, any reply from Google? I refused again, for whatever reason I do not know.
After being rejected for a second time, so I find the reference again in order to get quick approve Google AdSense. According to sources I found (forget also, understand humans), so that could be the main requirement approve blogs we should have at least 6 months old and got quite a lot of visitor traffic. To my mind then, this requirement is quite heavy because my blog was new about 1.5 months old, so still less 4.5 months to re-register in order to be in approve AdSense. Finally, I look again another reference, this time I find something new again, to be a Google AdSense publisher ads, in addition to long life blog and have quite a lot of traffic, your blog must be at least 10 in English posts, blog content does not infringe copyright and equipped TOS (terms of service), Privacy policy and About. Because of the conditions that I encountered, I finally decided to wait until the age of 6 months and my blog has enough traffic to register again as publisher AdSense ads.


How Do I Approve Quick Google AdSense?

This story began when I made a post Qur'an Reciter complete 30 chapters as I complete with a flash MP3 player that is playlist order to allow visitors to listen to the direct download of the file you want. Frankly my post this time, in the making takes 2 days until I post, or approximately 10 hours if it is calculated continuously as I mentioned in my previous post here. By the time I make a flash MP3 player that, I need a place hosting and playlist flash MP3 files, and I chose a spot hosting sites google which I think is easier because in addition to free also no longer have to fill out the registration form.
As you explore the features google sites, I found the tab displays like AdSense earning tab in Blogger, straight in my mind came the idea to try to register to AdSense through google sites, not through Blogger, who knows bias in approve.
Due to the content I create google sites then disheveled because the original plan only want free hosting, I finally made a new google account again and make a better google sites and neatly equipped TOS, Privacy Policy, continues to About, also focus on only one topic themes namely RPP and Syllabus. Just yesterday the 24th of November I made a website that I instantly fill with some pdf files, and only today did I pass the tab to register AdSense ads AdSense sites that exist on google, was not until two hours I waited, already in an e- mail as you can see in the screenshot above. Perhaps you are curious as to what I create google sites and approve Google AdSense, https://sites.google.com/site/rppdansilabussd/. Now maybe if you can not see adsanse ads on my site because the ads will appear automatically after I escaped ferivikasi stage 2.
That's my little story about google Quick Approved Google AdSense  start up phase, now just waiting for the results of verification phase 2, may approve as well. Please, help me with your pray ...