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Collection Of Rare Photos Of Bung Karno


As a citizen of Indonesia, who does not know the name of this one Indonesia's Proclaimers? Figure filled his charisma, his leadership style which I think is very worthy to be emulated by the next president. Indonesia has a firm stance and strong principles in running the government and political at the time he led. Idealism Marhaenism he is so well known to all over the world, so that Indonesia is very, very calculated and not only underestimated by other countries both by western block (the U.S. and its allies) and the eastern bloc (the Soviet Union and all of its allies) at the time of his leadership . A leader who loved the nation and the country and always pay attention to people, so that the less he said something like, "I love my family, but I more love  the country and my people." We should be proud to have had a leader like him.

Well, no need to talk at length about her figure that I'm sure all the citizens of Indonesia more or less definitely know. Here's rare photo collection Bung Karno Son of the Dawn with his family. If you want to know about Sukarno's History, please visit this posting andtis posting.